Apple OS X Tips and Tricks

July 27, 2011

A few shortcuts I found interesting. I use Snow Leopard in my MacBook. At this moment its 10.6.7.

To bring any widget on to your desktop:

Open a terminal window from Utilities folder in Applications Menu item. Type in the below command:

defaults write devmode YES

Click on the widget that you want to bring and press F4 key on the key board. Please note, the commands are case sensitive.

To view a clean desktop, without any icons:

Open a terminal window from Utilities folder in Applications Menu item. Type in the below two commands:

First enter, “defaults finder QuitMenuItem -boot Yes”

After executing the above line, please enter “killall Finder”

Please note these command strings are case sensitive. Using these commands shall add the ‘Quit’ menu option in Finder.

These two are from my favorites. I found it from this site –


Buzz – Cloud Computing (part 1)

May 18, 2011

Cloud computing – the current buzz in IT. It seems that computing technology is taking its it turn to what it used to be in earlier days. But, in a newer trendy way. Even 10 years back, computers were mere desktops for doing works for us. Though there were may instances of interesting subjects on computing, it wasn’t until the Internet evolved at such a speed.

I still remember the sound of my 33.6 kbps US Robotics modem for establishing a dial up connection with my ISP over our lone PSTN line. Once I am in, no one in the house can make or receive a phone call. At that time, I used to chat using IRC channels. And send receive emails using Eudora. It was like a magic when I used to receive emails from my friends or relatives from abroad. In due time, I graduated as a user of hotmail and replaced my US Robotics modem with local UTP connection, which promised a higher speed but with uncertain service quality.

After using various dial up services an unpredictable UTP based LAN services for Internet, I finally switched to a ADSL connection. Now its better but speed is still not there. In the meantime, I switched to a full fledged Google user from a die hard hotmail user. It its really amazing that how Google started to offer various services like docs calendars sites etc. In the meantime I have turned my home intro a wireless network. Day by day my computing practice has become a necessity rather than a working tool.

Like many others computing now has become an utility for me not a mare working tool. Its something like the electricity that I am using and my home and office. Without it everything has halted.

Though the usage of computing thus computers has changed dramatically in last 10 years, it’s the Internet, which changed the whole era. Through Internet one can take him in the deep knowledge box to browse for information. What cannot be done? From electronic purchase, banking transaction, medical assistance, great infotainment, what not.

However, even after such innovative services and products computing were missing something – a convergence a transformation of communication. Once we started to user computing resources to communicate in the form of electronic mails, online meetings, video sharing – then the true sense of technological evolution can be seen.

With convergence of Information Technology and Communication Technology, I believe, we have opened up another dimension of life for us. Thus, making the computing a utility not a value added service. Internet is not a simple computing product anymore it is the Utility computing.

May 6, 2011

February 5, 2011

February 5, 2011

Managing a IT Support Team

February 3, 2011

I always tell my team, you are free and shall enjoy full independence if you are a Specialist or Technologist in an IT support team. But, whenever, you become a manger of a IT support function, you are ‘in the line of fire’. You shall find everything as a constraint. You have to learn ‘how to handle requests  from VIPs which needs to be dealt immediately, how to let one of your key team member go on emergency leave just when you need to execute a critical project task, and how to handle your peer functional manager that their wrong doing in the system is causing a pain. All in all, its always messy, when you are the IT Support Manager.

I am going to start my diary on my daily activities as a IT Support Manager.

Date: Feb 3, 2011

## Yesterday I have circulated a RACI matrix to my team. Their task has been, broadly, categorized in three different ways – project support, request fulfillment and problem managment. I have assigned the most skillful person in my team to act as the SPOC for all projects that IT is supporting. I have assigned my senior most member to be SPOC to handle all reported problems or errors or incidents. I shall be observing thier way of doing things for next couple of months. Before, evaluating my decision.

## Yesterday, I also have shared the scoring formula – and KPI.


Scoring a Zero shall keep you safe

Driving Safely on Dhaka Road

February 16, 2010

Driving on Dhaka Roads, does require extreme patience from a driver. Now a day, its obvious that you have to drive at least an hour, whatever the destination you choose. Regularly I drive a Maruti 800 DX, a hatchback city car which belongs to my younger brother, from Uttara to my Office at Mohakhali. I can’t remember a day that I have not bullied a peer driver driving in the same road. I have been driving on the Dhaka streets for last 20 years. But the traffic situation has gone worst in last couple of months or so. Even at mid night, the traffic may be as bad as mid day.

I have traveled to Bangkok, Nepal, KL and Indian Cities like Kolkata, Delhi. Interestingly I couldn’t find any drastic improvements there, i.e. traffic in rush hour is as bad as ours. In Nepal, drivers are highly capable and skilled to maneuverer their vehicles to avoid congestion. In Delhi, people drive defensively to avoid rush at street corners. But, in Dhaka, drivers are more often racing each other than actually driving. Drivers driving X Corolla, Kluger, Pajero V6, thinks they can outperform anyother on the road. The worst part is when you see from behind that three public bus, running on CNG, racing themselves, in a 3 lane road. If you are behind them, you must pay attention how and when they will hit the ‘sudden’ brake or if you are in front of them you must be aware that they don’t hit you from behind.